Screening of eye diseases

Visual acuity measurement

Visual field test

Argon Laser


At Mpudulle Eye Centre in Pretoria, our expert team, consisting of Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, and Vision Care Specialists, is dedicated to delivering unmatched Ophthalmology Services. Our focus is on comprehensive eye care, offering specialized treatments and expertise in various eye conditions. Whether you require a skilled Eye Doctor in Pretoria or a specialized Eye Care Specialist, our center provides a wide range of services tailored to your individual needs. From routine eye examinations to advanced surgical interventions, we prioritize your eye health and vision. With our commitment to excellence and advanced medical techniques, Mpudulle Eye Centre stands as a beacon of trust and quality in the field of eye care.

Services at Mpudulle Eye Hospital Out-Patient

Auto refraction

Intra-ocular pressure measurement


Visual field test

B. Scan

Zeiss Machines

IOL Master

Screening of Diabetic, hypertensive and Glaucoma Patients.

Visual acuity measurement

Slit lamp bio-microscopy


Fundus examination


Florence Angiogram

ND Yag Laser



At Mpudulle Eye Clinic in Pretoria, our team of dedicated professionals, including Eye Doctors, Ophthalmologists, and Eye Care Specialists, specializes in an array of Ophthalmology Services and Specialized Eye Treatments. Whether you’re in need of an experienced Eye Doctor in Pretoria, a trusted Ophthalmologist, or a skilled Eye Care Specialist, our clinic offers tailored solutions to address various eye conditions. From intricate surgeries to custom-tailored therapies, our Eye Specialists utilize cutting-edge techniques and personalized approaches. We are not just providers of Vision Care Services; we are your partners in achieving optimal eye health. Our Ocular Health Experts employ advanced diagnostic tools and offer a range of Eye Health Procedures to ensure precise and effective treatment. With a focus on Specialized Eye Treatment, including Advanced Vision Care and Customized Eye Health Treatment, we aim to deliver the highest standard of care. At Mpudulle Eye Clinic, your vision is our priority, and our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate, and specialized eye care services tailored just for you.

The surgical procedures that will be available

Anterior segment surgery
Anti-glaucoma Surgery
Cataract surgery
All posterior segment work
Capsular cataract extraction
Laser treatment
All types of eye trauma repair at clinic
Strabismus (Squint) repair
Microscopic Intra ocular lens implant
Corneal transplant
Extra capsular cataract extraction

Ophthalmology Services at Mpudulle Eye Care Clinic

At Mpudulle Eye Clinic in Pretoria, our Ophthalmology Services redefine the standard of eye care. With a team of skilled professionals including Ophthalmologists, Eye Care Specialists, and Eye Doctors in Pretoria, we offer comprehensive solutions for your eye health. Our Eye Specialists, synonymous with Vision Care Experts and Ocular Health Professionals, utilize cutting-edge techniques to provide a wide array of Ophthalmology Services, ranging from routine eye examinations to advanced Eye Health Procedures. As dedicated Ocular Physicians, we ensure personalized care, employing Specialized Eye Treatments like Advanced Vision Care and Customized Eye Health Treatment. These Specialized Ocular Therapies are tailored to individual needs, emphasizing precision and effectiveness. At Mpudulle Eye Clinic, our commitment to your vision extends beyond the ordinary; it embodies a holistic approach where expertise, innovation, and personalized attention converge. Experience the highest level of eye care, where every service is designed to optimize your vision and ensure the health of your eyes.

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